Model 2380 Multi-Channel Ethernet Gateway Processor

The GDP Space Systems Model 2380 Programmable Common Data Processor (CDP) front-end processing subsystem is a state-of-the-art solution linking spacecraft and launch vehicle downlinks with ground segment systems. The unit is available in a 2U chassis (remote control) or a 4U chassis with front panel control and remote control.

This highly versatile Programmable processing front-end is specifically designed for use in launch and satellite operations centers as well as spacecraft integration and testing facilities and launch pads.

The CDP acts as an Ethernet gateway between the spacecraft downlink and distributed satellite control systems and performs a variety of TDM or CCSDS telemetry processing functions. The unit supports the extraction of CCSDS Virtual Channels (Return All Frames and Return Selected Channel Frames) from the received CCSDS downlink. The unit then distributes this data over independent Ethernet ports. The base unit is provided with 4 Ethernet ports. Additional ports may be added to the system in groups of four.

The unit can optionally take the PCM Virtual Channel data from the extracted CCSDS streams and route it out through the Ethernet ports in IRIG-106 Chapter 10 format (Chapter 10 Packed and Throughput modes are supported). This unit can optionally be used in conjunction with the GDP Model 2350 Telemetry Over IP units to ingest the PCM stream extracted from the CCSDS packets and output it as a PCM Data/Clock data stream via TTL or RS-422 ports.

  1. CCSDS Virtual Channel Processing
  2.    •  Return All Frames

       •  Return Selected Channel Frames

  3. Space Link Extension (SLE/CCSDS)(*)
  4. Multi-channel I/O
  5. 2U and 4U Chassis Configurations
  6. Packet Time Tagging (IRIG B) *
  7. Ethernet Remote Control Standard
  8. Front Panel Control *
  9. Ethernet
  10.   •  4 Channels 10/100/1000 base-T (Standard)

      •  Additional 10/100/1000 base-T Channels *

      •  UDP/TCP/IP Data Protocols

      •  Unicast/Multicast

      •  IRIG STD 218-07 Compatible *

  11. IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Ethernet Output Format *
  12. Fiber Interface & SFP Fiber Modules *
  13. NASCOM Support *
  14. Receiver/Demod/Bit Sync Frame Sync *
  15.    •  CCSDS Reed Solomon error Conrrection *

       •  Viterbi Decoder *

  16. Redundant Power Supply *

  17. * Optional Feature