Modulators, Uplink RF, IF & Sub-Carrier

Our line of Modulator products accept digital baseband inputs and produce modulated outputs for subcarriers, IF or RF applications. Modulations include but are not limited to PM and B/Q/U/A/O QPS

K, FM, GMSK, FSK and others. GDP supports a full line of board and box level products.

Also see Satellite Modems.

PSK Subcarrier Generator – Tunable BPSK Subcarrier Generator, to 10 MHz. 1 ppm reference oscillator. RS232 remote control. 3.5″ chassis.
Encoder/Modulator – Four (4) Tunable BPSK Subcarrier Generators. Summed input to Linear Phase modulator w/upconversion to 70 MHz. RS232/IEEE488 remote control. 10.5″
PSK Modulator – BPSK/QPSK modulator. Coherent modulation. Subcarriers to 10 MHz. Supports RS232 data input, with 8K RAM storage, idle pattern generator. 3.5″ chassis.
Multi-Mode Modulator – Subcarrier Generator, BPSK/QPSK/PM Modulator, including PRN data generator and code converter with convolutional encoding. Tunable subcarrier from 1 Hz to 10 MHZ. 3 modulation data sources: external TTL, external RS422, internal PRN. 3.5″ chassis.

A variety of other modulator product are also available (Consult Factory). Also see Satellite Modem Products


Up to seven (7) input signals with selection of up to any four (4) to be linearly summed in a composite output
Signal Summer card. VME-based. Accepts PRN data and subcarrier and provides linear summation output. Variable gain and attenuation. Precision frequency reference source.