Frame Synchronizers / Decommutators & PCM Simulators

GDP Space Systems offers Frame Synchronization products that support IRIG-106 Class I and Class II PCM telemetry and systems for NOAA Weather Satellites formats. Some of these devices also contain a data quality monitor and / or built in PCM simulator(s). The decommutation process supports the definition of individual word characteristics so as to extract measurements from the data stream as opposed to only groups of bits of fixed length.

Our Model 2350 TM Gateway (TMoIP) supports several frame synchronizer modes that output byte aligned data over Ethernet. A software decommutator can then decommutate this data. The Model 2350 also supports several Chapter 10 PCM Output formats that are compatible with 3rd party decommutation and recording products.

Additionally, many of our other products including receivers and bit synchronizers have internal frame synchronizers and Ethernet output ports that support the Chapter 10 output formats.

Telemetry systems require PCM simulators to provide system testing and pre-mission verification that all hardware and software functions are setup and operating correctly. An independently programmed simulator is needed to ensure unbiased test results. GDP has been providing easy to use, programmable PCM simulators since the 1980s. We currently offer a Model 236 PCM Telemetry Simulator. PAM options are also available.

PCM/PAM Simulator – PCM/PAM Simulator system, up to 40 Mbps. 3.5″ chassis
The Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway provides the necessary signal processing to pass telemetry data either to or from an Ethernet network.