TMoIP/ Data Transport / Communication Multiplexer

Model 2360 Modular Multiplexed Data Gateway
Model 2360 Modular Multiplexed Data Gateway

The GDP Model 2360 Modular Multiplexed Data Gateway is a Network Appliance data I/O multiplexer and demultiplexer system. This complete communication system is scalable and can be field configurable to transport a large selection of data channels over various network types. The Model 2360 is developed around an open-standard architecture that is designed to deliver high performance at an affordable cost with the specific purpose of addressing the next generation of “carrier grade” communications applications. This equipment incorporates the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors, and improved reliability, availability and serviceability.

The Model 2360 includes an openstandard health and monitoring capability that allows the user to monitor any unit connected to the network. Users will experience instant access to power status, fan speeds, temperatures and voltage levels. Custom alarms can be set to ensure an instant alert in the event of any issue.

Our use of open standards ensures the longevity of the provided solution, which greatly reduces the long term risks associated with proprietary architectures.

Carrier Grade Communications Equipment
  1. Equipment
  2. Open Standard Architecture (uTCA)
  3. Low Latency
  4. Up to 1Tbps System Bandwidth

Modular Design
  1. Example of Available Modules
  2.      • Telemetry (synchronous TTL/RS-422)
         • T1
         • OC3
         • OC12
         • ATM
         • Ethernet (10/100/1000)
         • Asynchronous Serial (RS-232)
         • Video
             • MPEG-2
             • MPEG-4
             • H.264
             • Standard Definition
             • High Definition
         • IRIG time
         • Analog
  3. Flexible Form Factor
  4.      • 2 RU 19” Standard
         • 1 RU to 5 RU 19” rack-mount
         • Bench-top chassis
         • Small/Rugged chassisScalable Redundancy

Scalable Redundancy
  1. High Availability (up to 0.99999)
  2. High Reliability
  3. Hot Swappable Modules
  4. Redundant Cooling units
  5. Optional Redundant power supplies
  6. Optional Redundant processor
  7. Optional Redundant MCH controller

Health and Status Remote Monitoring
  1. Open Standard (IPMI)
  2. SNMP management
  3. Monitoring Capabilities
  4. Fan Speed
  5. Temperature
  6. Voltage Levels

Chassis (2U example)
2U height, 19-inch rack-mount enclosure
(12) front access I/O module slots
(2) network controller slots (for optional redundancy)
Redundant 1Gb Ethernet Back-plane fabric
Backplane Supports:
4x PCI Express
sRIO, Ethernet Fabric

8 push-pull fans per CU with each fan rated at 20 CFM
Individual-controlled fan speed
Straight through side-to-side cooling
Fully managed, redundant, and hot swappable
Monitored fan power for early failure detection
Air filter removed detection

600W typical output power for chassis
AC (110/220 switching 60Hz/50Hz)
DC, -48V or –60V

Standard operating temperature:

+5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature:
-45°C to 85°C
Shock and vibration:
Level DL1, IEC 61587-1
FCC Part 15, Class A
EN 55022
EN 55024
EIA Compliant
RoHS Compliance
PICMG Micro-TCA.0 R1.0

Pluggable and hot-swappable mid-size AMC Processor module
1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 2Gb of ECC DRAM and 4Gb of on-board flash
Provides 1 PCIex8 port, 3 Ethernet ports and 2 SATA ports.

1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 2Gb of ECC DRAM and 4Gb of on-board flash
Provides two GbE uplinks and management for 12 AMC modules