TMoIP/ Data Transport / Communication Multiplexer

GDP Space Systems is a leading manufacturer of Data Transport and Communications Multiplexer products to meet a wide range of applications. GDP provides two main product lines in this area. They include the Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway (TMoIP) products and the Model 2360 Communication Multiplexer product line.

The Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway (TMoIP) provides the necessary signal processing to pass telemetry data either to or from an Ethernet network. User programmability permits the unit to function as a Telemetry-to-Ethernet converter (packetizer) or as an Ethernet-to-Telemetry converter (de-packetizer). Each of two channels is individually configurable as either a packetizer or a de-packetizer. Optional internal frame synchronizers support packetized output of synchronized byte aligned data for computer based data decomutation. The Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway can be set to output an IRIG Chapter 10 output stream, which is compatible with 3rd party telemetry decommutation packages.

The Model 2360 Communication Multiplexer is capable of transporting a diverse set of data (PCM, Video, T1, Audio, Analog, Time, Async Serial, Ethernet ……) from source to a destination over a variety of available links (OC-3, OC12, DS3, ATM, Ethernet, ……). This complete bi-directional communication system is scalable and can be field configured to transport a large selection of data channels over various network types. The Model 2360 is developed around an open-standard architecture that is modularly designed to deliver high performance at an affordable cost with the specific purpose of addressing the next generation of “carrier grade” communications applications. This equipment incorporates the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, emphesizing the highest reliability, availability and serviceability.

Our use of open standards ensures the longevity of the provided solution, which greatly reduces the long term risks associated with proprietary architectures.

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