Data Conversion & Distribution

Model 9200-9181 Time Code Fiber-In to Analog-Out
Model 9200-9181 Time Code Fiber-In to Analog-Out

The GDP Model 9200-9181 Data Conversion and Distribution Module is one of the functional and hot-swappable modules that can be incorporated into the 9200 Series Chassis. The 9200-9181 Module is configured to accept an IRIG Time Code A, B or D input signal on a fiber optic SFP Module and provide an IRIG Time Code analog signal output on a BNC. The output signal may be applied to an Analog Daisy-Chain Bus or Global Bus for use by subsequent card slots for further selective conversion and distribution by other modules residing in the chassis.

The Model 9200 Data Conversion and Distribution System is a modular product that is scalable and user configured to convert and/or distribute a large selection of data channels to satisfy a wide variety of data signal conversion and distribution functions. The 9200 chassis has 16 single height card slots to house the large selection of 9200 series modules. The 9200 series modules provide the ability to accept and properly terminate a variety of signal types and then convert these signals to other industry standards.

The chassis provides global and daisy chain buses so that signals can be received by one module and then sent to other modules in the chassis to satisfy signal conversion and distribution requirements. This concept provides a cost effective and flexible solution to a wide range of signal conversion and distribution applications such as level conversion, signal inversion, code conversion, time code distribution, fiber optic transport, and optical isolation.

  1. IRIG A, B, G Time Code Fiber Optic Input
  2.      • SFP Module Holder
             • SFP Transceiver Module (Optional)
  3. IRIG A, B, G Time Code Analog Output
  4.      • Impedance: 75 Ohm
         • BNC connector
         • Connect to Analog Busses
  5. Front Panel LED Status Indicators
  6.      • Fiber Optic Link Status
         • Signal Activity
         • Power
  7. Selectable Bus Extension
  8. Pluggable, Hot Swappable
  9. Remote Control (Option)

IRIG A, B, G Time Code Fiber Input, J2
SFP Module Holder:

SFP Transceiver Module (Optional)

IRIG A, B, G Time Code Analog Output, J1
75 Ohm, Back Terminated
BNC connector
Bus Selector:
Output to Analog Busses

LED Status Indicators
ACT (Green):
Signal Input Present
LOS (Tri-Color):
(Red): No Optical Link
(Green): Optical Link Up
(Amber): Tx (Local) Laser Off
P (Blue):
Power OK

Selectable Bus Extension
Remote Control
Requires 9200-HSC1 System Option

2.9"(w) x 0.75"(h) x 7.1"(d)
Hot Swappable
Pluggable w/Card Edge Connector
Card-Lock/Extraction Handle

0°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% non-condensing

Non-operating (storage)
-40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% non-condensing