Data Conversion & Distribution

Model 9200-1000 TTL Input Conversion Distribution Modules
Model 9200-1000 TTL Input Conversion Distribution Modules

The GDP Model 9200-1000 series TTL Input Distribution and Conversion Modules accept and convert TTL level input signals and provide one or more copies of these signals at various signal levels while simultaneously providing these signals to the buses on the backplane for mass distribution. The 1000 series modules are pluggable and hot-swappable. Refer to Figure 1on the next page for a sample block diagram of the Model 9200-1000 series modules.

The Model 9200-1000 series modules are designed to operate in the GDP Model 9200 Conversion and Distribution chassis. The Model 9200 is a modular product that is scalable and can be user configured to convert and/or distribute a large selection of data channels. These units are designed to be a cost-effective and flexible solution to a wide range of signal conversion and distribution applications.

The 2U 19” rackmount unit can hold up to 16 various single-height modules, each with the ability to accept and properly terminate a variety of signal types and then convert these signals to other industry standards. The chassis also provides a variety of global and daisy-chain buses so that signals can be received by one module and then sent to other modules in the chassis to address signal distribution applications. This equipment incorporates the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors, and improved reliability, availability and serviceability.

  1. Single height module
  2. Hot swappable
  3. Up to 35 Mbps operation
  4. Independent input channels
  5.      • TTL level signals
         • BNC connectors
         • 50 or 75 ohm input termination
         • Activity LEDs
  6. Independent output channels
  7.      • TTL
         • RS-422
         • RS-232 ECL
         • LVDS
         • Fiber optics
         • RS-530
         • RS-485
  8. Low throughput latency
  9.      • <10 msec
  10. Input and Output Inversion
  11.      • Jumper selectable
         • Remotely selectable
  12. Drives the backplane buses
  13.      • Daisy chain bus
         • Global bus
1 or more independent channels of TTL level signals
0 bps to 35 Mbps per channel
BNC connectors
Jumper selectable 50 or 75 Ohm input impedence

180.6mm x 73.5mm (7.1” x 2.9”)

Remote Interfacing
Ethernet Remote Control (optional)

0°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% non-condensing (operating)

-40°C to +85°C (storage)
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% non-condensing (storage)