State-of-the-art aerospace telemetry products, systems & software.

GDP products are in use at satellite ground terminals, telemetry ranges, and testing facilities worldwide. GDP considers the needs of the customer to be foremost. To us, this means:

* provide the product that suits the application
* embody that product with reliability
* price the product fairly
* support the customer in every way possible

For over 40 years, GDP has earned a reputation for delivering innovative, high performance designs to solve even the most complex tasks in a cost-effective manner.

News and Updates

April 30, 2018 Tech Tips: Understanding the AGC & DQ Diversity Combiner Control on a Telemetry Receiver

The objective of the Diversity Combiner option on GDP’s Model 4426 Telemetry Receiver  is to process an RF signal

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April 02, 2018 NEW Compact, Dual Stream Portable Telemetry Processing System

Acroamatics‘ new Model 4032AP Compact Dual Portable Stream Telemetry Processing System is a size and cost effective  

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April 02, 2018 GDP Delivers Automated TMoIP / DQE Range Acquisition Solution

GDP has successfully completed delivery and site checkout of the new Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway and Model 2267 Best

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